Resolve Your Tax Controversy Cost-Effectively

Encounters with the IRS often signal difficulties ahead. Take action to prevent trouble — and meet challenges as they develop.

At Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. a large part of our law practice consists of helping clients avoid and deal with tax controversies. Ideally, an individual or a business can foresee and prevent tax problems. Common mistakes include failure to comply with bookkeeping and record keeping requirements, missing filing deadlines, and failing to file information returns. Our law firm does not prepare tax returns; however, we do evaluate and advise individuals and businesses at risk of noncompliance with tax laws.

Clients facing tax controversies rely on our firm in the Dallas area for individualized advice and sophisticated representation. Our clients come from throughout Texas and the U.S.

When Tax Controversies Develop

Many of our clients have already been contacted by the IRS and need help and advice to navigate tax controversies while minimizing costs. Tax audits, civil litigation, criminal litigation and white collar crime defense are all areas where our knowledge and experience can help individuals and businesses meet tax-related challenges while avoiding or mitigating negative outcomes such as:

  • Penalties such as fines for paying taxes late
  • Collections by the IRS by means such as wage garnishment or asset seizure
  • Being found guilty of a tax crime

Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. has built a strong reputation for our ability to help clients avoid these and other harmful outcomes in the face of:

Our tax litigation lawyers are well-situated to provide the advice, guidance and representation you need to emerge from a tax controversy in a position of strength in either civil or criminal litigation.

Our Dallas Tax Law Attorneys Invite You To Tell Your Story

Are you facing an IRS audit, an investigation or collections? Do you know or suspect you owe federal income taxes you cannot repay in a timely manner? Call Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. at 972-810-4380 to schedule a consultation. You may also send an inquiry here.