Is The IRS Trying To Collect From You? Protect Yourself With Our Help.

Have you received a letter or a visit from the IRS regarding past-due taxes? "IRS collections" is a phrase no taxpayer wants to hear. If your IRS controversy has reached the collection phase, you will benefit from the experience our attorneys have to offer.

If the IRS has made an assessment against you, the Agency will now look to collect outstanding balances through enforced collections. A Revenue Officer visiting your home or place of work will cause a disruption and may harm your reputation. Your personal finances will also be affected if the IRS levies your bank accounts or attempts to garnish your wages.

Stop IRS Collections

At Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. we are familiar with all IRS collection practices. You should contact us before collection actions become aggressive and disrupt your life. However, even if the IRS has already garnished your wages or levied your bank accounts, we know the IRS policy and procedures and can negotiate an alternative to enforced collections.

Our tax controversy law firm is prepared to help you respond to IRS collections. Located in Dallas, we advise clients throughout the metroplex, the state of Texas and the U.S.

Find Relief From Collections Already Underway Or Already Completed

We have helped many individuals with tax debts to resolve their cases before enforced collections became inevitable through offers in compromise, installment agreements, innocent spouse claims, currently not collectible (CNC) designations and other methods. We have also helped many individuals get penalties reduced or eliminated. When collections have already occurred, we have helped many taxpayers through administrative hearings such as a collection due process hearings (CDPs).

Our Dallas Tax Law Attorneys Welcome Inquiries

Since Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. was founded, the firm has been assisting people affected by unjustified wage garnishment and other tax collection efforts by the IRS. Our attorneys have more than 37 years of combined experience advocating for clients throughout the metroplex, the state of Texas and nationwide. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case. Call 972-810-4380 or send an inquiry to schedule a consultation with one of our tax controversy lawyers.