If You Are Facing A Tax Audit As An Individual

A tax audit is a frightening event. An experienced and knowledgeable advocate is essential at a time like this.

Individual taxpayers sometimes dread the possibility of an audit. As taxpayers prepare and file yearly tax returns, they may follow accountants' advice and keep documentation that will assist with a possible audit someday. Nonetheless, when notice of an audit comes, anxiety is a common reaction.

Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. attorneys have helped many private taxpayers get through tax audits successfully and cost-effectively. From our law office in Dallas, we work with clients throughout the state and nationwide. We welcome your inquiry.

Our law firm provides customized legal solutions for clients confronting tax controversies with the IRS and related issues, such as audits.

Legal Counsel And Representation In Examinations (Audits)

If you are undergoing an examination (also known as an audit), you want attorneys who know in advance how to put you at ease and make the process as smooth as possible. Audits may involve income tax, employment tax, estate tax or excise tax matters. The lawyers of Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. work closely with taxpayers and CPAs to develop comprehensive strategies to ensure audits move forward efficiently. We also prepare and present the taxpayers' position throughout the audit to narrow the issues, provide only the documents to which the government is entitled, and ensure that all privileges are preserved.

Advantages Of Contacting Us Early In The Process

Some taxpayers make the mistake of engaging with IRS agents when audits come about, only to discover their statements have made matters worse. To avoid problems and maximize chances of a successful outcome, we encourage individuals who have received notices of upcoming audits through letters or phone calls from the IRS to contact us right away. Once our law firm has been retained to represent you, we will relieve you of worries in communications with the IRS. We will become the interface between the taxpayer (you) and the IRS (representing the federal government) and handle all aspects of the audit, including:

  • Documentation
  • Interviews
  • Administrative hearings

We Provide Customized Solutions

Our years of experience and track record of success have enabled us to resolve many individual tax controversies efficiently and cost-effectively. We are well-versed in the audit process and prepare and submit to IRS agents documents that very often lead to timely, successful outcomes.

Responding To Your IRS Audit Promptly Leads To The Most Cost-Effective Approaches — Contact Us

An IRS audit may seems daunting, but our Texas lawyers can guide you to an effective resolution. The earlier we are engaged, the more options we will have to help you get the outcomes you hope for. If you have received an IRS notice or already are being audited by the IRS, call us without delay at 972-810-4380. Alternatively, send an inquiry requesting a consultation with one of our tax controversy defense lawyers.