IRS Business Collections Can Disrupt And Possibly Shut Down Your Business

When IRS agents approach your business attempting to collect, it is time to take decisive steps to avoid the worst consequences of collections. IRS business collections cases are often complex and present a double challenge in every case:

  • The challenge of preventing collections or getting them reduced or reversed
  • The challenge of keeping an enterprise in business during throughout the IRS collection process

The IRS can shut a business down through aggressive collections. For this reason, we urge business owners, managers and CPAs to contact us at the earliest sign that your business is subject to IRS collections if collections are already underway.

Our years of experience handling tax controversies for businesses have equipped lawyers at Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. to bring answers and relief to businesses targeted by IRS collections. Our law firm emphasizes customized solutions that maximize the likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Get Answers And Take Steps To Prevent Future Tax Controversies For Any Size Business

Was your business targeted for failure to collect and pay employment taxes, income taxes or excise taxes? Even if the problem has gone on for some time, we are prepared to help you find a solution. In the short term, we will work to help you obtain relief from the current or threatened IRS collections tactics. In the long run, we may be able to help you restructure your business in order to prevent future problems.

When Your Business Is Targeted For Collections By The IRS

Protect the integrity of your business in the face of IRS collections triggered by unpaid taxes. As experienced tax controversy lawyers, we have helped many businesses overcome similar challenges. Based in Dallas, Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. has a great deal of experience managing tax controversies affecting businesses throughout Texas and nationwide. Email us or call 972-810-4380 to schedule a consultation with a business tax attorney.