We Can Handle Your Business Audit - You Handle Your Business

Don't let an IRS business tax audit disrupt your business. Coleman Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. is a law firm with a track record of favorable resolutions. We advise clients throughout the metro area, statewide and beyond.

An IRS business tax audit resembles an audit of an individuals in many ways. However, a business tax audit generally includes more moving parts and levels of inquiry or potential inquiry. It is not uncommon for a seemingly simple business tax audit to develop into a much more extensive examination with greater exposure. For this reason, the lawyers at Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. urge business owners and managers to contact an attorney at the earliest indication or sign of an audit.

From our office in Dallas, our law firm is committed to providing customized solutions for each of our clients based on the specific, unique facts and circumstances of your case. We serve clients throughout Texas and nationwide. We welcome inquiries and offer consultations at your convenience.

When we represent businesses in IRS audits, we focus on keeping that audit limited to the original points that have been identified by the IRS. Our most valuable skill set is our ability to think one step ahead of the IRS auditors. Through this approach, we have succeeded at resolving many business audits quickly and cost-effectively for businesses of all sizes and types.

Why We Are So Often Successful Representing Businesses In Audits

  • Our law practice focuses primarily on tax controversies.
  • Our attorneys have a combined experience of more than 37 years in the area of tax controversies, including tax audits.
  • We are very familiar with the audit processes and opportunities for resolving an audit in the early stages.
  • Due to our years of experience, we know IRS agents' jobs as well as or better than they do.

Note: We Represent Tax Preparers As Well As Other Types Of Businesses

If you are a CPA facing your own audit, we advise against self-representation. We are aware of the unique risk you face of the audit expanding to include issues related to your professional responsibility and sanctions. Complete the intake form and let us know you are being audited in connection with your tax preparation business.

Face Your Business Tax Audit Head-On For Best Results — Contact Us

Coleman, Anastopulos & Jackson, P.C. has a strong track record representing Texas businesses facing tax audits. If you are a business owner, manager, CPA, tax preparer or an in-house lawyer: Call 972-810-4380 or send a message through this website to request an appointment to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.